O'Adventurers, gather your helms

Over the course of thousands of years and generations upon generations, the 8000 OG Loot bags were discovered scattered accross the Realms.

Out of the 8000 bags, 2652 contain helms.

Join the adventure

With the discovery of the Eyes, the blacksmiths of the Realms delved into the ancient lore and unlocked secrets that had been lost to time. As the proverb goes: "A Lootbound Eye unlocks infinite branches."

They discovered new metals and alloys, and techniques for forging that were beyond anything they had ever imagined.

Forge or claim your helm to join the adventure.

Our story

Inspired by projects that came before, like Rings (for Loot), the Helms Project was started to help bring the Lootverse to life with 3D visualizations of the Helms of Loot.

Ancient Helm (pre-Eye)

The first Helms were designed and modeled by hand by @MarcelBrynard. These are now referred to as the pre-Eye Helms and can be viewed and downloaded here.

Helms Phase 3 covers the full set of 310 unique helms which appear in the OG Loot bags. With the help of Midjourney V4, the entire collection has been designed from scratch. The metadata renderer of the NFT contract has been upgraded which means existing NFTs have been switched to the new designs automatically.


We are grateful for the support of the Loot community and the Loot Royalty DAO that funded us via our Gitcoin Grant.
Symbols for the 16 orders designed by @ConwayAnderson


PhaseHelms AvailableTotal SupplyLaunch Date
1Common Helms1923Wed, Apr 13, 2022
2Common & Epic Helms2397Fri, Nov 25, 2022
3Common, Epic, Legendary & Mythic Helms2652Wed, Feb 15, 2023

Helms can be classified based on on their rarity, by looking at the number of occurances in the original 8000 Loot bags.

  • Common Helms (between 350 and 400 occurances)
  • Epic Helms (between 3 and 17 occurances)
  • Legendary Helms (1/2 helm)
  • Mythic Helms (1/1 helm)

Loot-owner claim pricePublic mint price
Common Helms0.01 ETH0.02 ETH
Epic Helms0.015 ETH0.03 ETH
Legendary Helms0.02 ETH0.04 ETH
Mythic Helms0.025 ETH0.05 ETH

With the launch of the third and final phase, we've decided to reduce the mint prices (both for the loot claim and public forge) to around half of what they used to be. For everyone that has already minted before this point, we will airdrop an additional Helm from the owner pool for each helm minted, as a thank-you for supporting us at the higher price point when the collection was not yet complete.

58 Helms are reserved for promotions and key contributors.
With the launch of Phase 3, we lowered the mint price and decided to airdrop 38 helms to existing owners that had already minted at the higher price-point. As a result, there are 20 helms left for promotions and contributers.

There is a 5% royalty on secondary sales.